Pique Cotton Spandex – Tran Hiep Thanh Textile Corporation

Tran Hiep Thanh

 Pique Cotton Spandex – Tran Hiep Thanh Textile Corporation

We, Tran Hiep Thanh Textile Corporation specialize in producing all kinds of woven and knit fabric. 
With over than 25years experience, Tran Hiep Thanh being more and more affirmable stable prestigious position, occupied domestic market as well as oversea market & holds a remarkable market in Vietnam Textile industry.



Item: Diamond Pique Cotton/Spandex – Tran Hiep Thanh

Fabric code: C34702

Composition: 96% Cotton/4% Spandex  

Construction: CM30S/1 + Spandex40D                                                    

Width: 80”                                                              

Weight: 210gsm 

Tran Hiep Thanh

Pique Cotton Spandex – C34702

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 2,000 kg

Minimum color quantity (MCQ):       50 kg

The unit price is offered for minimum 150kg/color upwards, otherwise the unit price will be surcharged a premium of 20%

Color Fastness:

Color difference measured under lighting D65 and not exceeding 1.2 with Delta E CMC (2:1) is acceptable.

Colorfastness to domestic and commercial laundering passes grade 3-4 complying with ISO 105 C06 A2S standard

Colorfastness to rubbing passes grade 3-4 complying with ISO 105 X12 standard.

 Labdip-time: 7 days

Lead-time: in max. 30 days

Tran Hiep Thanh

Knitting machine


Delivery Fee: Free delivery destination is inside HCM city                                         

Price: $ FOB HCM City

(Please do not hesitate to contact us for good prices)

Mr. Liem – Sales Deputy Manager
Hotline: 0919.000.739

  • liemlt@thttextile.com.vn
  • liemlt0913145636@yahoo.com.vn

Please refer at:


 Tran Hiep Thanh Textile Corporation



About liemlt0919000739

I am living in Viet Nam, and I am working for Tran Hiep Thanh Textile Corporation with Sales Deputy Manager position Tran Hiep Thanh Textile Corporation specializes in manufacturing and supplying woven and knitted fabrics. Tran Hiep Thanh with over 25 years of operation in Dyeing - finishing, our products are increasingly asserted position and reputation in the domestic market as well as abroad and retain significant market share in the industry fabric in Vietnam and oversea.
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